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What is a MIC?

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How does a MIC work?

MIC Investors

When you invest into the MIC, you're subscribing to our shares and we pay back the dividends.

Pools of mortgages

The Blue Pearl Mortgage Investment Corporation  takes these investments and invest into mortgage pools.

Management company

The MIC’s management is responsible for all facets of the MICs operations.

Group investing

The MIC allows individuals to pool their funds, similar to a mutual fund, and invest those funds in a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial mortgage loans. Each year, the MIC pays 100% of net income out to its investors in the form of dividends. These dividends can be taken in cash or re-invested in new shares.


Why invest?

The allure of investing in a MIC for investors is mainly driven by the fact that it typically produces an attractive risk-adjusted yield, and is secured by real estate underlying the debt.
A MIC essentially allows the public to act as the bank with real estate at the underlying security and realizing the investment return through diversification.

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