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Let your home be your financial hero!

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Time to make home ownership the hero of your portfolio.

morty-house-mascotFor years, Canadians have embraced home ownership as a reliable way to generate wealth and provide long-term stability for their family and future generations.  On its own, owning a home does not automatically create wealth but over time, it can.

Picture a young family that has just enough cash saved to get a mortgage. As they build equity in their home over the years, they can borrow against that wealth to weather financial emergencies—a car breakdown, a family crisis, or whatever it may be. By the time their child is ready to go to university, they can afford to send them off into an adult life free of debt.

This is how your home can become the cornerstone of your financial plan. Here are several tips from Morty the Mortgage Mascot and our team that you can use to make your home your financial hero!

Consolidate your debt – be a hero to your wallet

Debt consolidation will allow you to draw from your home equity to pay down higher interest debt and save on monthly high interest fees. It can be an excellent way to lower the interest you pay on your debt, improve your credit, and get out of debt sooner.  Your pocketbook will thank you.

Consider a HELOC as a key financial home hero

A home equity line of credit – a HELOC, is a revolving line of credit secured by your home at a much lower interest rate than a traditional line of credit. A HELOC cannot exceed 65% of your home's value. Your mortgage combined with a HELOC can form the cornerstone of your financial plan.

Buying after graduation

Now that you’ve graduated, started your career and are ready to buy a home, here on some tips on funding that home.

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Business funding

Small business may be the engine that drives the economy but accessing funding can be a challenge your home can solve.

Renovation funding

What better way to improve your most valuable asset than to use the equity built up in your home for high-value renovations.

Higher education – funding the costs to reap the rewards


As the costs of post-secondary education continue to rise, you may find that RESP’s, student loans and bursaries do not provide proper funding for all of the education costs you or your children may face. This is where a home equity loan may provide you the needed funds to help you fund these costs.

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Dreaming of a vacation home or rental property?


Is the idea of a vacation home in your future? Or, do you want to become a landlord? You can access your home equity to fund your investment. When the value of a rental property rises, you can refinance, pull cash out, and buy another rental property, and/or just enjoy your second home. 

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